September 10 - October 23, 2021

Chronicle of the birth, growth and death of a cloud


For his second solo exhibition at LMNO, Pep Vidal has developed a specific project with the ambition of combining art a science, as is often the case with his work. His objective was to observe a cloud from its birth to its disappearance; a feat that combines a good dose of dream and scientific precision.
His fascination for clouds goes back to an enigma he used to wonder about as a child. Is the cloud I am observing small and closer or, on the contrary, huge but far away?
A large-scale artistic-scientific project arose from this childhood questioning. Thanks to photogrammetry, a technology that uses numerous telephoto cameras (in this case 9), Vidal and his team were able to capture the cloud from different angles and thus observe the infinitesimal changes it has undergone during its visible existence.

The exhibition proposes to discover a set of works realized throughout the artist's research. It also includes drawings where the artist fantasizes about his project or describes it using mathematical models.
At the heart of the exhibition is the video resulting from the observation campaign. Mixed in it there are science and humor, poetry and emotions of an enterprise crowned with success after a long time of uncertainty.
A set of 9 flipbooks offers the visitor the possibility to experience as many points of view on the cloud as the people involved in the observation on site.
The project was produced within the framework of the supporting program for artists of the Foundation La Caixa and the exhibition was supported by the Embassy of Spain in Belgium.

Pep Vidal (Rubí, 1980) holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Barcelona. His work has been presented in many prestigious institutions such as the FRAC Picardie (2021), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (2019), the Miro Foundation (2018), and the National Museum of Catalan Art (2017). His work is included in numerous private collections in Europe as well as in various foundations and institutions.