April 28 - July 16, 2022

High Tide


For the first Miguel Sbastida?s solo show, we are pleased to present a project entitled High Tide.

His cornerstone is a performance made in 2018 in which the artist attempts to join forces with the ocean, laboring for the ongoing erosion process of a cliff. A form of association between man and his environment.

Using a glass vessel, Miguel Sbastida (Spain, 1989) repeatedly gathered and threw hundreds of liters of Atlantic Ocean water against the cliffs where the waves break during high tide.

The performance started when the tide hit its lowest point and continued for a period of five hours; in a dialogue between his body, the movement of the tides, the unrest of forces of the ocean, induced sea-level rise, and timescales that go beyond the human. In the gallery space, a video installation, photographs, and a sculpture give shape to the Hide Tide project.

Miguel Sbastida?s interventions revolve mainly around an investigation around the intersections of geologic time, cultural ecologies and climate breakdown. In his works, he investigates the geo-poetics of matter and environmental processes through ontological, scientific, eco-critic, and post-colonial perspectives.

In High Tide, the artist questions the traditional boundaries between the living and the inert, the human and the non- human, the biological and the geological. His work strives to establish new perspectives towards a sense of belonging and association with the earthly organism, poetically.