19 - 22 May 2022

Drawing Now Art Fair


In this 15th edition of the Drawing Now Art Fair,  LMNO gallery wishes to present the practices of Miguel Sbastida and Pep Vidal, two artists who explore and exhibit poetically our environment, its materiality, and the science that governs it.

Each in his own way they highlight the neglected beauty, the apparent magic of the earthly organism and of its inexorable laws, striving to restore a form of wonder, a sense of belonging, a necessity to protect/preserve, all of which seem to have been done away with. Working towards a progress that would no longer be countenanced irrespective of, or against the tenuous balance of this earth, which has made our development possible so far, Sbastida and Vidal, by virtue of their meticulousness, invite us to go more slowly and to really look at things.

The approaches followed by Pep and Miguel also testify to the numerous similarities and bridges that obtain between artistic research and scientific research. Two fields which seem to be diametrically opposed in the collective imagination, but which turn out to be a source of mutual improvment.