October 31 - November 3, 2019


For Artissima 2019, Cristina Garrido (Madrid, 1986) produced two new series.

The first one is entitled ?Label Paintings? on which one she paints on the backs of canvases collected at  ea markets. It features a sticker that is regularly found on fruits or vegetables and speci es their brand and geographical origin.

Thus, the Spanish artist questions the importance of territorial marking in an artistic career.
Each major period in the history of art has seen these major cities that drew in artists like lighthouses (Florence, Paris, New York, etc...)
In our digital world, however, it is no longer a particular city that dominates, but the geographical origin of the artists themselves can contribute to their emergence on the international scene. The trend effects are frequent and sudden attention is focused on one or the other geographical space. Of course, political choices contribute radically to the visibility or invisibility of certain countries on the international art scene. The international visibility of an artist therefore depends a lot on the economic health and governance choices of his or her country of origin or the country that has become his or her adopted country.

What makes you a Spanish or Catalan artist? Belgian or Flemish?
The stamp is also that of the brands, as some galleries have now become self-labelling companies. The simple fact that an artist belongs to the team of the said gallery makes him a world star.

On the floor, are displayed objects of everyday consumption that embody the dimension of an aesthetic-geographic cliché.

In the second serie ? In English, demonyms are capitalized?, The artist has also gathered various small excerpts from articles in the artistic press where the geographical origin is sometimes pointed out with a certain clumsiness or conveying the feeling that an artist has the ubiquity of it.