Born in 1980, lives and works in Barcelona.

Pep Vidal is a scientist, to be precise a mathematician with a doctorate in physics, but he is also an artist. According to him, the world of science and that of art are not that different. In either case, the approval and support of other professionals makes the difference between personal work with potential and a masterpiece, a discovery that is seen as a real breakthrough. But of course, it is art that "allows the most sincere expression of our feelings". This is why Vidal's laborious drawings are much more than sterile representations of mathematical diagrams. His study is at the same time a scientific research which goes beyond the examination of the most demanding laboratories and an artistic investigation which captures volatile and elusive phenomena by means of ink and paper.  In Vidal's works, the infinitesimal changes that are constantly happening around us are clearly manifested. You don't see the sand flowing imperceptibly down the side of a dune until it gives way and carries the rest with it. We realize that the book hovering on the shelf gradually lost its balance, for a long time, only when the thud of its fall surprises us. We think of the magnetic north pole as an unchanging point of reference, when in reality it is moving northwest at an average speed of 41 km per year. One of Vidal's artistic missions is to tirelessly pursue the North Pole, to question the meaning we attribute to it. In his drawings, tiny sharp lines converge on the sheet and reveal the microscopic movements to which the material is subjected. Electromagnetic waves, particle movements, fractal structures, and the forces that regulate the systems of which we are subconsciously a part take shape and acquire meaning. His most recent project led Vidal to take on the technical and intellectual challenge never undertaken before of measuring and plotting the shape of a cloud from the moment it materializes until the moment it disappears. The result is a 3D reconstruction of the cloud made by photogrammetry, and illustrations of the experience of disarming simplicity and softness.

Valentina Bianchi



Los límites del control, curated by Eva Bravo and Sonia Martínez, at Institut Valencià d'Arts Moderns. València.

North (N), South (S), East (E), West (W), curated by : Carolina Grau, Museum de l'Empordà, Figueres.

Natura Viva, Museu de l'Empordà. Figueres. Curated by Carolina Grau. 
Air de..., ADN Gallery. Barcelona.


Chronicle of birth, growth and deat of a cloud, LMNO, Bruxelles


Atelijer Kozari, Laboratorij za oivljavanje, Pep Vidal: Pi /, MSU, Contemporary Art Center, Zagreb, Croatia



From nothing to void, del hueco al vacío, Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto Gijón, Spain


Who wants to be an impatient gardener?, ADN Galeria, Barcelona, Espagne

Who wants to be an impatient gardener? Abrons Art Centre, New York, USA

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Art-O-Rama, Marseille, France

The Limits of control, L21 GalleryMAdrod, Spain



Y asi sucesivamente, el salón, Madrid, Spain

{ } Pep Vidal, Espai Cub La Capella, Barcelona, Spain



Drawing Now - Art Fair, Paris, France.


A=A, B=B, Fundació Antoni Tàpies & Roberto Ruiz, curated by Pep Vidal, Barcelona, Spain, 2023.

Golpe de suerte, Collegium Museum. Curated by Chus Martinez, Arévalo, Spain


Drawing now, stand LMNO section Process, Paris, France

Passeig de Gràcia, 98, Fundació Suñol. Curated by Glòria Picazo. 
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Comisaridao por accidente, de Daniel Silvo à la Galerie Nueva, Madrid, Espagne

Limited Edition Art Fair (LEAF) booth, LMNO, Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, Belgium


Drawing Power - Children of Compost, Drawing Lab, Paris
Lost & Found, Hangar, Brussels
Tomber en amour, La Maison des Arts, Brussels


Group show: at Tilde, Amsterdam

Fingers crossed, curated by Blanca de la Torre and Sue Spaid, at ADN Platform
Drawing Now Art Fair, Paris. LMNO Gallery and ADN Gallery (Barcelona)
Reset. Instruccions per començar en un nou present, TACA, Palma de Mallorca


Art Brussels, stand LMNO section Discovery (with Nicolas Floc'h), Brussels, Belgium

Measures, Fundation Cerezales, Leon, Sapin

Un grano de arena en el espacio, Casa Bienal de Cuenca, Ecuador

Arco, Stand ADN, Madrid, Spain

We need to talk about paintings, LMNO Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
5994 is just a number, ADN Galeria, Barcelona


A Forest, ISELP, Brussels, Belgium

ARCO, stand LMNO, section Prime (with VOID), Madrid, SpainA Forest, ISELP, Brussels, Belgium

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ARCO, booth LMNO, Madrid, Spain

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Premi d'Arts Visuals Miquel Casablancas Fabra i Coats, Contemporary Art Center, Barcelone, Spain

VII ème Biennale de Jafre, Spain



Degree in Mathematics at Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona (UAB)

PhD in Physics in UAB and ALBA synchrotron.




WINNING PROJECT La Caixa production


I Convocatoria de Producción La Caixa

GAC AWARD Best exhibition emerging artist. ADN Gallery


International Visual Arts Grant, Fundacion Botin


Generaciones, Montemadrid Foundation Generation Award


Propuestas, VEGAP Award ( Arts Visual)

Miquel Casablanca Award

BCN Produccio Grant, La Capella


ICUB La Capella




Rijksakademie van BeeldendenKunsten, Amsterdam, Holland


Casa Velazquez, Madrid, Spain

FARE, Milan, Italia


Hangar, Barcelone, Spain



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Private collections, Belgium

Private collections, France

Private collections, Spain

Montemadrid Foundation, Madrid, Spain

Arxiu del Centre d'Estudis i Documentacio del MACBA, Barcelona, Spain

Centro de Documentacion y Biblioteca del MNCARS, Madrid, Spain

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